What is a Co-op?

What does it mean that we are a Cooperative Business?

We are a business, just like any other. In fact, we are incorporated as an LLC. However, in choosing to become a cooperative, we’ve chosen an ownership and management model where all members of our cooperative business are owners who have a personal stake and a say in what happens in the business. When the cooperative does well financially, all of its owners benefit.

The number of cooperative businesses has been increasing in recent years. They create sustainable jobs and are generally more resilient in weathering economic recessions. As such, research shows that they have a lower turnover rate and a higher productivity rate than equivalent non-cooperative businesses. Why is this the case? Well, while hard to quantify, they do give everyone in the company a voice and the opportunity to contribute more freely. Cooperative businesses tend to put an emphasis on supporting professional growth through continued education and training. Arguably cooperative models give worker-owners the chance to live up to their potential more so than many traditional business models. 

We started up with the support of Wellspring Cooperative, an organization whose roots go back to 2011. Wellspring has started building a network of cooperative (employee-owned) businesses that support each other and help to create meaningful jobs in and around Springfield, Massachusetts. 

Their mission is: 

Wellspring’s mission is to create an economy that is cooperative, equitable, democratic, and sustainable. We work with historically under-served communities in the Greater Springfield region by developing a network of worker cooperatives and by supporting community-led initiatives to cultivate cooperatives and collective well-being.

We are proud to be a member of the growing network of cooperatives supported by Wellspring.

Come Join our Co-Op!

If you are interested in starting or furthering your career in landscaping, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you and learn about your skills and goals. We are a cooperative (employee-owned) business that offers flexible work opportunities, seeks to make a positive difference in our communities, and supports our members in their professional development. 

How do you know if a cooperative is right for you? Cooperatives gives their worker-owners the opportunity to have more of a role in how the work environment is structured. They work well for those who are “in-betweeners”. That is, on one hand, cooperatives are not good for individuals who only want to follow instructions. On the other hand, they are also not good for those who just want to give instructions or work alone. If you want to actively participate but know that others have your back, then a cooperative might be right for you.