Black eyed Susans


We are a full-service design/build landscape company. We offer traditional and ecological services. Our goal is to do the best for our customers, our communities, and our planet. 

Gardening & Maintenance Services

This may include maintaining gardening beds or mulching, cutting grass, fertilizing, pruning trees, fall cleanup, and other such services.

Hardscapes: walkways / stonework

We install durable, lasting paver and stepping stone walkways, including permeable surfaces, as well as building structures like stonewalls that reflect the New England landscape.

Installation Services

In some cases this may be as simple as installing an arbor, a walkway, or garden beds. However, if a client has a requested a design plan, the installation process may be more involved. 

Design Services

We create designs that enhance the quality of your home and work life. These services include site visits, assessment, and generating a visual site plan. Generally, design services are needed when a client desires extensive changes. 

About our Ecological & Regenerative Services

We seek to work with nature and, as such, utilize environmentally responsible the following approaches & solutions: